Common Questions and Answers


Do you offer any military discounts?

We are proud to serve our military families and offer a 10% discount off your total photo products purchase for all retired, active duty personnel and military dependents.

Will I Get a Disk of my images?

We offer several packages that include digital downloads through our proofing system. Digital downloads have greater accessibility and provide you with a better user experience than a CD. Digital downloads are also sold individually through our proofing system in the client galleries.

Why is there a watermark over my image?

Your safety and privacy is important to us. The watermark is placed on each image to protect you and our company against fraudulent schemes, copyright scammers, and identity theft schemes. When you purchase a digital download, print or canvas the watermark will be removed.

Will I get a print release?

Yes, Spangled Photography and Design does provide a print release (terms and conditions apply). The print release is not a copyright release, Spangled Photography is the sole copyright owner granting printing permissions under specific terms and conditions for the benefit and convenience to our customers. Please read the full copyright and print release term by clicking here.

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